International Cannabis Business Conference

The International Cannabis Business Conference

Cannabis News:

This last weekend was the ICBC (International Cannabis Business Conference) in Portland, Oregon. This was a once and a lifetime opportunity for all who attended the conference. There has never been as many legitimate experts in the cannabis industry at one event. This is the place to go if you want to get into the industry or just want to network and learn from the best people in the industry.


The event started Saturday at 9 am with Alex Rogers, the founder of two of Oregon’s most successful medical marijuana clinics. The keynote speakers was Andrew Sullivan who has made his blog ‘ the dish’ the cannabis must read with genera; business tips to cannabis myths and stereotypes of usage. U.S Rep and Congressman Earl Blumenauer spoke on the federal tax reform in the early morning. Cannabis legislature was the subject of topic before and after lunch. States like Oregon, Colorado, Washington, and California each had experts speaking on its behalf. In the late afternoon Troy Dayton spoke on the current opportunities in the industry, things like the obvious growers and retailers but also processors, security firms, consultants, accountants, and other ancillary businesses.


Sunday began with production and processing with Norris Monson, Todd Dalotto, and Amber Senter (cannabis chef). Making us take the focus off the retail outlets and putting it on the fact that those retail spots wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for those who cultivate it. The Advance Business Panel spoke before lunch. After Lunch hemp as the next agricultural and industrial revolution blew the minds of many presented by Doug Fine. They convention finished with the Oregon panel and the Entrepreneur Panel, filled with the best and brightest minds of the industry. Overall the ICBC was a smash success, and in the cannabis world, was what everyone was smoking about.

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