New Dispensary Is Driving Us Insane In The Brain

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We’ve got some big news for those of you who were big rap fans in the mid 90’s!  And, if you weren’t big rap fans in the mid 90’s but really love weed, well, we’ve got some big news for you too! B-Real of Cypress Hill has won one of the 6 lottery slots to open a medicinal marijuana dispensary in the OC.  Do we still call it “The OC”?  Who knows.

Anyway, B-Real actually beat out about 630 other people who were vying for a chance to become legal weed dealers in southern California.  So, B-Real raps a lot about weed, but will he be able to run a weed business?

Fuck yes, he will.

Recently, in the San Bernardino Cannabis Cup, B-Real won third prize for Best Sativa Flower, making it safe to say that he knows what he’s doing.  Regarding the business opportunity, B-Real said, “We’re in a unique position because we have a lot of history behind us as it relates to music and the pro-legalization movement.  I think it goes hand in hand, so for us to have a collective, I definitely want it to be eye candy, eye-popping, eye-catching, an experience.”

An experience?  What does that mean exactly?

What it means is that this is, hands down, going to be the coolest dispensary, well, ever.  In fact, patients coming in for their medicine will have a really good chance of running into their favorite rap superstars, as well as a spontaneous concert.  When asked if he would ever perform there, B-Real said he was definitely open to the idea.  When asked more directly about the “experience” and concert possibilities, the potrepreneur said, “You don’t want it to seem theme-parkish on one end, but you want it to be an experience. What that is, it will have something to do with music. I think mini concerts in there would be good, have some artists that are legalization-friendly, like for instance, Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz, Kottonmouth Kings or Red and Method come to the spot and do a performance. ”

We’re going insane in the brain just thinking about it.  There is still a lot of work to be done in order for B-Real’s dream of a weed-dispensing rap club to actually come to fruition, but stay tuned to Stoned Girls in the meantime, as we will give you any and all updates regarding this cannabis cultural phenomenon.

cannabis news

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