Josh Hibbard: Ink Master Contestant Fired For Weed

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okay..he might be a little stoned here

Cannabis News: Josh Hibbard

We watch a lot of TV here in the Stoned Girls office (and occasionally some old movies) and we were shocked when our favorite contestant, Josh Hibbard, was kicked off Ink Master on last night’s episode.  First, because he was clearly the best tattoo artist on the show as well as a favorite by the judges.  Second, because he wasn’t kicked off for bad work.  In fact, this is the first time in the show’s history where the top artist actually got asked to leave.  Let me rephrase that: he wasn’t even asked to leave.  He was promptly escorted off the premises without even being given the courtesy of packing up his things first.  Sounds serious, right?  What egregious offense did Hibbard commit in order to facilitate his exit in such a manner?

He smoked some weed.

Let’s Be Clear

He did not get high while he tattooed people.  I assure you that he was not puffing on a blunt with 25 needles in his hand.  He wasn’t even chiefing a bowl before he started creating beautiful lifetime art directly on people’s bodies.  Hibbard would get high at the end of his evening back at the house the contestants share to deal with his anxiety possibly regarding the competition, and probably about life in general.

Rival contestants claimed that Hibbard was cheating and had an unfair advantage over his peers because of the marijuana use.  Apparently, the other members of the competition did not have a problem with him actually smoking weed, they had a problem with him being a cheat and a liar.  This news came out after Hibbard placed first in that week’s elimination competition, and it really sounds to me like the accusing parties really just have a problem with Hibbard’s talent.

The Outcome

Once Hibbard’s marijuana use was outed, he had to stand before the judges and “come clean” about how he relaxes at night.  The judges made it clear that they were “only there to judge tattoos,” but that didn’t stop them from having to excuse Hibbard due to his rule breaking.

Apparently any use of marijuana, medicinal or otherwise, is prohibited in the contract Hibbard signed with Spike TV.  This season of Ink Master was filmed in New York, a place that has been in the news constantly lately regarding their change in policy regarding marijuana use.  Apparently, regardless of where these shows are being shot, Spike TV carries this no-drug policy.  It is because this breach of contract that Hibbard was impolitely escorted out.  This is what Hibbard had to say about the incident:

“With all the questions and controversy from my elimination, I feel it is necessary to explain that even though I was eliminated for a breach in my contract and rule violations, at no time during any part of the competition did I do something to undermine the competition or give myself an unfair edge. I competed fairly and used nothing but experience and skill. I was eliminated not for cheating, but for breaking a rule that was a conflict of my lifestyle. I feel no regret or remorse for my decisions, in fact, because of this experience I am more in favor [of] marijuana legalization.”

In Conclusion

We live in a world where almost half of the United States has recognized the benefits of medicinal marijuana.  Recreational legalization is on every doorstep in the country.  Not only has weed become far less taboo, but is actually mainstream.  With every new election that legalizes cannabis, I can’t help but wonder if Spike TV will eventually change their policy, at least if they are filming in a state where marijuana is legalized.  Maybe one day Hibbard will get to be grandfathered back in.

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