Portland Is A Top Destination For Cannabis Enthusiasts

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With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in the great state of Oregon, this week’s travel edition will be dedicated to all of the amazing things you will be able to do as a tourist in Oregon in 2015.  Get your calendars out, because some big things are coming to the Northwest.

The Inspiration for Portlandia

Anyone who ever got high and watched an episode or two of Portlandia has, I’m sure, a weird fascination with the city.  In fact, Portland’s unofficial slogan is “Keep Portland Weird,” and I find that to be more of a challenge than anything.  There are roughly 2.5 million weirdos living in the Portland metropolitan area, and the city itself is home to over half a million of them.  This leads me to believe there is a lot of weird shit to get into when you’re high.  Let’s explore.

cannabis news

High Times

A lot of urban parks and gardens call Portland their home, and the hippie stoner in all of us secretly loves to get high and walk around a beautiful landscape.  The Lan Su Chinese Garden is in the heart of the city, and is a really good spot to get your chi centered, whatever the fuck that means.  If you’re into something a little more interactive, the Portland International Rose Test Garden is gorgeous no matter who you are.  Not only are you surrounded by over 10,000 roses, but you also get a spectacular view of the city skyline.

If you’re less of a granola stoner, Portland’s nightlife is surprisingly impressive.  One thing Portland touts, which will please any stoner, is its live comedy scene.  Once again, as an avid Portlandia fan, this is no surprise.  If you’re looking for a good comedy show that may lead to more, look no further than Helium.  Located in the Central Eastside district, Helium has housed comedy legends like Jon Lovitz and everyone’s favorite stoned city councilman, Kevin Nealon.  It is quite popular, as the intimate setting frequently leads to a meet and greet after the comedy show.  And, if you’re looking for some up-and-coming talent, Brody Theater is a solid pick.  There, on Fridays, you can watch “Micetrio,” a fast-paced elimination comedy competition relying solely on audience applause.

Where Should I Eat?

So, you’ve had a busy day thus far.  You appreciated some nature and then got your giggle on at the comedy club.  It’s only natural you would have the munchies at this point.  Veritable Quandary is a local Portland favorite, and even the name sounds like something that belongs in the weird Northwest.  It is a great place to satisfy your munchies as a tourist, as it boasts the best local seafood fare.  If you like to sleep in, but are still fond of a good wake and bake (because who isn’t?), Mother’s Bistro & Bar is a brunch must.  The restaurant claims to serve comfort food using the recipes from mothers all over the world.

Cannabis Cup

cannabis news

The most exciting pothead news to come to Portland this upcoming year (other than legal weed, of course) is the famed Cannabis Cup coming to town!  Mark your Stoned Girls calendars (available for sale!) because in July of 2015, the streets of Portland will be filled with all of the most prestigious weed connoisseurs!  Businesses from far and wide will come to Portland to celebrate cannabis and even hand out some free samples.  Locals are jazzed about the event, and tourists should be too.  The Cannabis Cup in Portland will give the traveling stoner all of the local pot flare they could ever want, in one convenient place!

Portland has always been a source of wonder and slight confusion for all potheads.  Stoned Girls would like to give a big THANK YOU to the citizens of Portland and the rest of Oregon for legalizing recreational marijuana, and finally giving us the chance to experience everything their weird-as-fuck city has to offer while comfortably and legally smoking weed.