Bitch, Are You High? Kylie Jenner Doesn’t Realize She Is 17

kylie jenner

It is no secret I have a dislike for the Kardashians.  Now, I do respect their business savviness, and Khloe is tolerable at times, but for the most part, they give me a headache, and I leave the room shaking my head.  I didn’t know much about the younger Jenner girls up until this point, as they have always been merely background noise in the show.  But, I logged on to TMZ the other day, and found all kinds of material about Kylie. The girl is only 17 years old, and she’s got me saying, “Bitch, are you high?!?”

She Dated Tyga

Apparently, Kylie took the advice of her family and cut ties with rapper Tyga, which is literally the first smart thing I think she’s done.  I’m sure Kris was behind it 100%.  Anyway, the fact that she dated Tyga at all is mind-boggling to me.  First, his ex and baby mama is Blac Chyna, who is friends with Kim.  I’m not a celebrity (yet) but I think this is a breach of etiquette.  Also, anyone named Blac Chyna seems like someone you do not want to fuck with, but hey, that’s just me.

Like I said, Blac Chyna is Tyga’s baby mama.  Kylie, are you really ready to date someone with kids?  No.  You were born in 1997, which makes you 17 years old.  I have sweaters that are older than you.

Didn’t They Have An Incident At A Club?

Tyga had a scheduled appearance at a club in LA that he cancelled after the club wouldn’t let Kylie in.  Well that’s rude, right?  Why wouldn’t they let his girlfriend in the club?  Oh, wait, because she’s 17.  Tyga reportedly begged promoters and club security to let his underage girlfriend in, but due to legality issues, they wouldn’t budge.  First, Tyga, “Bitch, are you high?!?”  First of all, you think it’s ok to have a 17-year-old girlfriend, and then, you get mad when the club won’t let her in?!!  You need to reevaluate your life choices, sir.

And, why is Kylie trying to get into a club when she is 17 years old?  Doesn’t she have school or something?  Go be a normal 17-year-old kid and get high behind the gym before first period.

There are multiple other stories regarding Kylie’s lack of attention while she drives, rumored plastic surgeries, and even showing off her body in some less than appropriate ways for a girl her age.  Kylie, you will never be Kim.  Furthermore, if you keep acting the way you have been, I’m pretty sure you’re not even going to be in the family anymore.      

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