Sales Might Be Up, But Lawmakers Are Down In Washington State

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Cannabis News: Learn about lawmakers in WA State, Image Credit: NBC Washington

Cannabis News:

So far in the past seven months, an estimated 22.5 million grams of marijuana have managed to be sold in the legal market in Washington State. This equates to more than 40 million joints passed around! In addition to that, another 4 million grams of cannabis extracts were made in Washington State in the fiscal year, at the end of Jun 2015.  That means on top of the 40 million joints, there were more than 40 million dab hits as well!

While it may seem like the numbers are doing good in Washington state, they could be much better.  In turn, lawmakers are starting to turn their backs on the cannabis community.  Washington state is facing troubles thanks to the Liquor and Cannabis Control Board. This group is revoking licenses for dispensaries.  Then telling hardworking, taxpaying citizens they are no longer allowed to do business in the city. They should serve as a future reference for any state looking to legalize marijuana.  Don’t let the Liquor Control Board or the pharmaceutical industry control your cannabis laws. They are only about profit such as you will see with Washington State.  Medical dispensaries in Seattle have been issued a 14-day notice to get registered and licensed as recreational stores or risk being shut down.

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