How much does legal weed cost in Oregon?

Cannabis News: How much does legal weed cost in Oregon?

On October 1st, anyone over the age of 21 can purchase Cannabis flowers from Medical Marijuana dispensaries in Oregon. Residents and visitors are excited to participate in this historic shift in Oregon law. One of the biggest questions is what products can I buy, and how much will Cannabis cost?

Medical Marijuana Dispensary helping patients

Delta9 Medical Dispensary in Seattle

First we have to recognize that the next three months are a trial period for legal Cannabis. This is an experimental period when you can buy pot without the full regulation that will likely start January 1st, 2016. The good news for the consumer is the Marijuana taxes have yet to come into effect, so this may be your best opportunity to buy cheap weed.

This Thursday, Oct 1st, MMJ dispensaries can sell recreationally to anyone over the age of 21. They are able to sell up to a quarter ounce of flowers/ person / day. Unfortunately at this point you cannot buy concentrates, edibles or topicals.

During the next three months, Cannabis will likely cost between $6 and $10 / gram in stores, with top shelf strains priced up to $15 / gram. Stores will be vying for your business, so this is a great opportunity to shop around for good deals. Some stores are already offering discounts to recreational customers, Bridge City Collective in the heart of Portland is offering a 10% discount on your first purchase, and Plane Jane’s, the nearest Dispensary to the airport is offering a free joint with any $25 purchase. Shop around and find your best local Cannabis stores. A tool we recommend is, a Cannabis shop finder – look for it in the Google Play store.

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