America To Legalize Weed On March 25th

420 rally

Well, kind of.

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Marijuana legalization is in the news every day now, and because of all the ongoing changes, some stories get lost in the cracks.  On March 25, an important court case regarding the classification of marijuana will finally reach a ruling.

It all started in October of last year when a federal judge in California preceded over a hearing that debated the scheduled classification of marijuana.  Currently, marijuana is a Schedule I Drug, along with cocaine and heroin.  The judge’s decision on this historic case will be announced March 25th.

According to The Inquisitr, “Marijuana may not be legalized fully on March 25th – but it would certainly be an important battle in getting marijuana legalized across America.”  It should be noted that the ruling only affects the case it pertains to, however there is a good chance that case could then go on to the Supreme Court where the ruling could make medical marijuana legal on a federal level.

The L.A. Times explains this best by saying, “Legalization advocates hope Mueller will rule that federal marijuana policy is unconstitutional.  Although her decision would apply only to the defendants in this case and could be appealed, a ruling against the existing policy could prompt other defendants to file similar motions.”

Ok, so marijuana may not be technically legal on March 25th, it is a very important date, as well as case, for all legalization advocates.

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