You Can Now Wake N Bake With Marijuana K-Cups

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Cannabis news: Introducing a marijuana K-Cup, wouldn’t mind a cup of that with her.

Cannabis News: A K-Cup infused with Marijuana.

While those of us in the cannabis community are no stranger to THC laced foods and beverages.  We are also no stranger to the work that goes into making these delicious dank treats. With impending legalization comes new and better products and processes that make orally ingesting your weed much easier. Thanks to people like Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop, waking and baking has never been more convenient.

At Uncle Ike’s in Seattle, you can buy “pods” of Catapult. Catapult is a THC-infused coffee product very similar to a k-cup for $10. Catapult will work in standard single serve coffee makers like the Keurig, and contains 10 mg of active THC.

Jennifer Lanzador, Uncle Ike’s sales manager, liked it to a Red Bull and vodka. Lanzador states, “I had more energy, but I still had the relaxation you get from cannabis.”

The coffee pods are pretty big sellers.  According to Uncle Ike’s, and Fairwinds Manufacturing, who makes the coffee said Uncle Ike’s accounts for 60% of his company’s coffee sales.

While Uncle Ike’s seems to be setting the bar for the pod style of THC coffee, there are other companies out there trying to break into the hip trend. Most notably, Ed Rosenthal’s Select Coffee & Tea and House of Jane were competing for funds at the last meeting of the ArcView Investor Forum.

Other Products

House of Jane already sells a few different infused coffee varieties, as well as instant coffee and flavored creamers. Furthermore, They are also working on an infused “Frappuccino,” which is slated to launch this summer.

Emily Paxhia of Poseidon Asset Management, who focuses on marijuana-related investments, said, “The more that cannabis can be consumed in forms that are familiar to broader populations, the more interesting it’s going to become to a mass market.” Emily, we couldn’t agree more, and we’re excited to see where cannabis consumption goes next.