MassRoots App Back in Action (For Some)

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A few months after Apple infamously removed the marijuana-focused app Massroots from its store, it seems that the company has turned over a new leaf (pun intended).

Apple is now giving the a-okay to marijuana-themed apps, and for this, we have Massroots to thank.

Massroots, a social network for the cannabis community, has been petitioning the technological powerhouse to change its policies for weeks now, with 10,000 of its users actually emailing Apple voicing their frustrations.  All their hard work has paid off, as iOS users now not only have access to Massroots, but other cannabis-centric apps, as well.  There’s just one catch.

Apple requires that users allow the app to access their geolocation, which means these apps are only available to the residents of the 23 states where medicinal or recreational marijuana is legal.  Massroots had this to say about these new rules:

“We do not take this task lightly. Over the coming weeks, we will be implementing new features to strengthen our compliance even beyond what is currently required. A tremendous amount of responsibility has just been placed on MassRoots; we have a duty to show the world that cannabis consumption can be done in a safe and responsible manner in compliance with state laws and federal enforcement guidelines.”

Regardless of the new rules, we at Stoned Girls are happy for a win, and very thankful to Massroots for all their hard work.

cannabis news

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