Missouri Making Big Strides In Legal Weed

Image Credit: The Olympian

Cannabis News: Missouri’s Strides in MJ. Image Credit: The Olympian

Cannabis News:

The Missouri Cannabis Restoration and Protection Act of 2016 might just be the best cannabis legalization initiative to be written yet. This initiative is not looking to legalize medical marijuana.  Yet nor is it for a couple of medical conditions nor is it looking to legalize the possession of a couple of ounces for those over the age of 21.

This initiative that was announced and is being backed by thousands in the state of Missouri.  It calls for complete legalization of cannabis in the state. This means that it would not be against the law for you to possess, consume, or cultivate cannabis.  Its totally legal as long as it is not more than what you need for your own recreational or medical consumption. This piece of legislation if passed would also provide patients a way to purchase cannabis for medicinal consumption free of taxation in a regulated and safe environment.

This is not the only great initiative that has been announced in the Show Me State either. House Bill 2338 was introduced in late January. The bil would regulate cannabis much like Colorado has with the exception that adults over the age of 21 would be able to legally possess up to 454 grams of dried cannabis and could cultivate 9 plants for personal consumption. These are just 2 of the initiatives that we will be keeping an eye on in Missouri this year.

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