Marijuana Clubs May Be Coming To D.C.

Image Credit: Social Clubs Cup

Cannabis News: Cannabis Clubs in DC? Image Credit: Social Clubs Cup

Cannabis News:

With marijuana legalization comes the issue of where legal marijuana will be consumed.  Currently, even in recreationally legal states, it is illegal to consume cannabis in public.  This has left a lot of people petitioning for marijuana bars or clubs, where like minded smokers can come and enjoy weed.  While it looked like Denver was going to take charge, it seems our nation’s capital may actually lead the way.

The D.C. council is now rethinking a ban on private marijuana clubs.  This is a response to receiving more and more pressure from legalization activists.  Yesterday, the council approved the formation of a task force that will investigate the possibility of allowing marijuana clubs in the city, and postponed a bill that would permanently ban these types of institutions.

This task force was introduced by Democrat and council member Vincent Orange, and it stipulates that a seven member panel will issue a report in the next 120 days on what would be involved with hosting marijuana clubs, notably the regulation, allowable consumable amount, security, and number of clubs.  The task force, however, will not be able to look into the sale and taxation of marijuana.

The residents of D.C. approved the legalization of marijuana in November of 2014. Since then, the law has been in place now for a year this month.  While D.C. smokers are allowed to grow and possess a small amount of weed, the sale of it is still illegal.  This has forced many people to rely on seed giveaways and the kindness of others in order to stay within the law.

Stoned Girls will keep you updated on all of the task force reports in D.C.


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