NFL Changes Marijuana policy

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NFL Makes A Big Change, Well…Sorta

Recently the NFL has had a slew of unwanted attention. Between Ray Rice and Josh Gordon, most recently. We all know what happened with the former Baltimore Ravens running back. For those of you living under a rock, most recently Ray Rice was dropped from the NFL for punching his fiancé in a hotel elevator. However, originally, before the video was released showing the knockout punch he was only receiving a two game suspension. Which is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous when you consider that Josh Gordon, Cleveland Browns wide receiver, received a yearlong suspension for barely testing positive for marijuana! A year for a little pot in his system, not even a possession charge!

The Numbers

Currently, the NFL marijuana policy allows you to have 15ng/ml of THC is your blood stream. Comparatively the Olympics allows their atheletes to have 150 ng/ml of THC in their blood stream. Ng/ml is nanograms per milligram. So the NFL allows 15 nanograms per milligram. We did the conversion to ounce per gallon. So that means that 150 ng/ml is 0.000020 or two-hundred thousandths of an ounce. And then 15 ng/ml is .0000002 or just REALLY FUCKING SMALL! And because all of the negative press this ridiculous rule is being changed.

The Agreement Made

The NFL Player Association and NFL reached an agreement recently that changes the rule from 15 ng/ml to 35 ng/ml woopty-fricken-doo. At least they doubled it, it’s still not much but its progress and you can’t knock progress. And the NFL had this to say about their progress and Josh Gordon’s sentence: “Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon will have his yearlong suspension for marijuana use reduced to 10 games, according to Rapoport. No special exception has been made for Gordon. Under the new rules, 10 games is the standard ban for a fourth violation of the NFL’s policy on substances of abuse.

Most importantly, marijuana is not a preforming enhancing drug so what difference does it make what he does in his own home as long as it’s not harming anyone. The player can drink, there is no limit on that. So we say if the man wants to light up after a game cause he’s a little sore and tense and wants to let loose, let him! Better he do that then get hammered and knock his fiancé out.

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