It Could Be Frodo’s Younger Brother: Nimbin

Great Place To Visit, And You Would Like To Live There

Cannabis News

Cannabis News:

Nimbin-it sounds like the name of an adorable J.R.R. Tolkien character. Known as the “Rainbow Region” of Australia, Nimbin isn’t actually Frodo’s younger brother, but a safe-haven for down under smokers. Clans of people who spurned the laws of contemporary Australia attended the Aquarius Festival in 1973 and decided it was such a groovy place that they didn’t want to leave. That’s not a joke, they just stayed. Forever.

Anyway, because of its chill atmosphere and attitude toward the cannabis counterculture, Nimbin is an excellent vacation destination for those of you looking to escape yet another polar vortex here in America.

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Bright rainbow colored shops that rival Boystown during the pride parade line the streets of Nimbin, but the most impressive is Happy High Herbs. Their mission statement is simple: “To promote the appreciation, education, benefits, culture and freedom of all natural plants and herbs.” Go and get your knowledge on at Happy High Herbs because there’s nothing wrong with an education vacation.

Nimbin Hemp, another shop along the main strip, has pretty much cornered the hemp foods market, offering items such as: Burgers, spring, and even rainbow colored hemp jelly. Delicious hemp seed food isn’t the only thing special about this bar; it is an active meeting place for those looking to discuss and transform current marijuana laws. As a traveler, it is a unique place to get some local culture as well as a different and foreign perspective.

Is It Legal?

Cannabis News

Although in New South Wales the cultivation, sale, and possession of cannabis is prohibited, weed is openly sold and smoked on the streets of Nimbin. Like many countries who have lax marijuana laws, as long as you keep to yourself and don’t cause a scene (and we know you won’t) the police will turn a blind eye.


The residents of Nimbin are super proud of their rich heritage and ecological contributions to their surrounding areas. As a result of the “Battle for Terania Creek” in 1979, the government of South Wales instituted a “no rainforest logging” policy, which was the first ever legislation to protect rainforests. Therefore, both locals and tourists can enjoy hiking through the wooded forest to this day.

If you’re missing your Stoned Girl blogger while on your vacay in South Wales, I would recommend checking out my male, Australian counterpart. His name is Paul Recher, and he will invite you into his home and heart with open arms. After a generous tour of the his self-sustaining property, where you will get to sample all of the fruit and vegetables he grows, he will let you into his cottage where he will discuss all things life, love, drugs, and sex.

In summation, Nimbin is fucking awesome. Whether you’re an ecology freak, a marijuana freedom fighter, or just really like to get high and eat, there is a plethora of activities in Nimbin to keep you busy no matter how long you stay. And based on how Nimbin got it’s start, that just might be forever.

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