First Nevada Dispensary Opens Today

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Cannabis News: History in the making in Nevada.

Cannabis News:

At ten am today, Nevada’s very first medical marijuana dispensary is set to open its doors to the public.   This was roughly two years in the making.  Silver State Relief, located in Sparks, will finally be able to provide medicine to patients.

The residents of Nevada are thrilled.  Silver State Relief general manager Aron Swan said, “We’ve received two or three emails and phone calls a day for the past few months asking when we’re going to be open”.  Swan also said that over 150 people have applied to work at the dispensary, of which 7 have currently been hired.

Possession and use of marijuana for medical has been legal in the state of Nevada a while, the laws governing the operation of dispensaries didn’t go into effect until April 2014.  Also, due to the laws that heavily regulate the cannabis industry, Silver State Relief has had to source its plants from local card holders growing their own for personal use.  Because Nevada law states that an MMJ patient can have no more than 12 plants, it has taken Silver Spring Relief a long time to build up their supply.

Presently on the Horizon

Now, the dispensary is in possession of around 200 plants, and can continue to grow.  However, the plants  will take about a month to yield a crop.  Silver State Relief is only opening with about 13 pounds of marijuana.  Therefore, causing them to implement a rule of only a half-ounce per customer today.  This is far under the 2.5 ounces allowed by state law.

Swan is hopeful patients will be in good spirits and supply until he is able to harvest more.  He is also working on getting a more diverse strain offering, as right now the dispensary only offers Girl Scout Cookies, Skunk #1, Ghost OG, Purple Kush, Blue Dream, and THC Snow.

Check out this video to learn a little more about Silver State Relief and Nevada’s legalization history.

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