New York’s MMJ Program Deconstructed

Image Credit: The Nation

Cannabis News: A Look into New Yorks MMJ Program. Image Credit: The Nation

Cannabis News:

Advocates and potential patients alike were very thrilled in 2014 when the medical marijuana law passed in New York. These individuals have long since awaited the day that medical marijuana dispensaries would open their doors. This finally happened on January 7th, 2016 but, unfortunately, hopes for success are not very high.  This was due to the limited amount of qualifying conditions to become a patient and the very limited amount of choices for treatment.

In the state of New York, there are almost 20 million residents.  Of these 20 million residents, only 71 of them have received approval as medical marijuana patients. The state only allows for the sale and consumption of oils, tinctures, and capsules. There is no legal medical access to dry herbs, concentrates or high THC extracts as there is in many other states.

Also, there are only 174 doctors that have been registered with the Department of Health to be able to legally recommend medical marijuana. Also, there are only 20 dispensaries are allowed to open state wide. When you do the math, you can quickly see that this is one medical dispensary per every 1 million residents.

At this time there are only eight medical marijuana dispensaries open and all of them must obtain their products from one of the five licensed distribution facilities in the state. As far as recreational cannabis is concerned, New York has decriminalized weed.

The Future

Because it is one of the strictest states regarding medical marijuana, it will be interesting to see what these imposed restrictions do on the industry within the state.  Keep checking back to Stoned Girls, as we will have all of your legalization updates.

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