Oregon News Anchor Fired For Marijuana Use

cyd maurer

Cannabis News: Cyd Maurer fired over use.

Cannabis News:

Cyd Maurer, an Oregon based news anchor turned viral video cannabis activist, is speaking out about being fired from Eugene’s ABC affiliate, KEZI-TV.  Maurer got into a minor car accident on assignment in May. Consequently, as per company policy, was forced to take a drug test, which came back positive for marijuana.  Upon receiving her test results, the station fired her even though she was completely sober at work, and had used the marijuana several days before the accident.   “I just sat there silently, humiliated,” said Maurer. “I have never been fired.”

Maurer continued, “I wasn’t fired because I couldn’t do my job.  I wasn’t fired because of my work ethic, my attitude, or my abilities. I was fired for enjoying a plant, on my own time, in the privacy of my own home. A plant that the majority of voters in Oregon believe should be legal”.  KEZI general manager, Mike Boring, declined comment, saying, “We do not discuss personnel matters.”

Her Next Move

She has decided to go public with her ordeal. Furthermore, she posted the video below to YouTube last Thursday describing the events.  In the video, Maurer discusses how she and many other marijuana users don’t fit the “stoner stereotype”.  They should not be persecuted for what they do in their personal time.  She goes on to compare her recreational use of marijuana in her own home to those who privately use alcohol with no repercussion.  She also calls for more attention to be brought to the legalization movement. Also stating that most people would be inclined to agree with her if they had all the facts.

Although marijuana was legalized in July, shortly after Maurer tested positive, according to the state laws KEZI-TV would still have had the right to fire her, due to Measure 91, which does not affect the existing employment laws.  A similar case was recently shut down by the Colorado Supreme Court regarding a Dish Network employee who was also a medical marijuana patient.

Check out Maurer’s compelling video here, entitled “How I Went From Local News Anchor To Marijuana Activist”.

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