Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal Lied About Being Black

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Cannabis News: Rachel Dolezal

Howard University graduate and former Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal has been passing herself off a black woman for quite some time, and we can’t help but wonder “Bitch, are you high?!”

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Dolezal, who is also a professor of African studies at Eastern Washington University, was outed this week as being white by her parents.

Not only that, but she was also confronted by a local reporter who flat out asked her if she was black.  Dolezal refused to respond to the question.

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First, she must have been high if she really thought that no one was ever going to find out.  She even went so far as to post this picture of her and this man, who she claims to be her father (side note:  he is not).

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Rachel also told a local newspaper that, “They can DNA test me if they want to.”  Bitch, are you high?!  That will clearly only make it worse.  Oh, wait.  It already is.

In an interview, Rachel reportedly told Eastern Washington University’s newspaper, Easterner, that she was born in a teepee, and her family hunted with bows and arrows.  A claim her biological family disputes.  At this point, she’s got to be high.  Right?!  Right?!

Anyway, we here at Stoned Girls have concluded that Rachel Dolezal MUST have been high during pretty much all of her 10 year transformation into a black woman.  Thankfully we are not the only ones with this sentiment.  Twitter exploded last night with #AskRachel and #RachelDolezal.  Here are some of the best.  Enjoy.

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