Radio Station In Colorado Now Features Marijuana Shows

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Cannabis News:

These days, marijuana pretty much permeates most aspects of our lives as Americans.  Whether you consider yourself to be a member of cannabis culture and industry or not, weed is all around you.  From political debates to commercials to TV shows, it’s everywhere.  One such example of this is a new radio show in Colorado.

This morning, the listeners of KREL in Colorado Springs tuned in expecting to hear sports and news programming.  Instead, they heard the nation’s first ever radio station dedicated to talk and news coverage of the burgeoning legal marijuana industry.  Not only that, but the show has become a home for dispensary advertising.

Southern Colorado Radio, or SoCo Radio for short, is the company that hosts this new marijuana radio program.  The station will be discussing both the recreational and medicinal marijuana markets, including topics like legalization news, different dispensary offerings, and even yoga.

General Manager and co-owner of SoCo Radio Mike Knar said, “We said, ‘Let’s do something different and give voice to the marijuana industry.’  Marijuana is socially acceptable, especially in Colorado, and is a big and growing business sector in this state.  It made too much sense to pass up.”

Knar went on to say, “I thought this would take weeks or months to take off, but the way this is accelerating is amazing.  Most people don’t get a response like this on radio, let alone for an AM station.”

KREL, which is now being called KHIG, is starting out with three shows during the week:  “Wake and Bake,”  “High Noon,” and “High Drive.”

SoCo Radio isn’t planning on going anywhere either.  They signed a three-year lease on the station with an option to purchase it.

Want to listen to SoCo Radio, but don’t live in Colorado?  You can listen live here!

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