Recreational Sales Begin Early In Oregon

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Cannabis News: Rec. Sales Early in Oregon.

Cannabis News:

Recreational marijuana is now legal to possess, grow and share in Oregon, but sales were not expected to begin until later next year. That has changed with Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s signature on a bill that would allow medical marijuana shops to start selling to recreational customers as well, beginning October 1st.

The bill will allow those aged 21 years or older to buy up to a quarter ounce of dried cannabis per day from dispensaries, as well as seeds for growing and up to four immature plants for those who don’t want to grow from the seed.

Proponents of the bill want to mitigate the advantage the current situation gives to black market dealers when it comes to sales. Licensed recreational shops are still on target for opening late next year, but in the meantime there will be a legal supply of cannabis for recreational users. The recreational shops will have a one once-per-day limit and will likely carry a better selection of strains.  Keep reading to find out what else the bill will do for Oregon residents.

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