Former Facebook President Contributes To California Legalization Campaign

Image Credit: SF Gate

Cannabis News: Former FB President Contributes to Legalization Campaign. Image Credit: SF Gate

Cannabis News:

While Facebook may not be showing much support for marijuana groups, organizations, or businesses, its former President, Sean Parker, is. ┬áIn a positive move for marijuana legalization in the state of California, billionaire Sean Parker has contributed $500,000 towards the legalization effort. That’s a half a million dollars that will help push marijuana legalization forward. Also, will most likely help achieve its ultimate goal of recreational marijuana legalization in 2016.

Last year, the Governor of California signed an epic medical marijuana law during a late night session. SB643, the law that legalized medical marijuana, was a win for California, and with contributions from individuals such as Sean Parker recreational marijuana laws are sure to be a win as well.

California now needs to gather 365,880 signatures in order to qualify for the upcoming November general election. Considering that California has an estimated population of at least 38 million people, that shouldn’t be a problem. With Support for marijuana legalization at more than 50% of the state of California, that means only 10% of those who live in California need to sign the petition to put recreational marijuana on California’s general election for 2016.

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