Who You Need To See At Cannabis Cup

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Cannabis News:

Now that day one of Cannabis Cup is over, and day two is underway, Stoned Girls wanted to give you a heads up of what booths you need to stop and see.  First, Stoned Girls – clearly!  We will be walking around again with our gorgeous model, so if you see us stop by and say hi!  We’re giving away t-shirts and calendars so make sure you grab one!

Second, our friends at Roll-Uh-Bowl have an amazing tent and they’re giving free demonstrations!  Come get a hit from the world’s first indestructible bowl!

Right next to them are Massroots, the social media platform that caters exclusively to weed enthusiasts.  If you haven’t signed up for your Massroots account yet, you can do so here for iOS and here for Android!  Make sure you find Stoned Girls on there!

The Green Cupid is wandering around with Joint Singles spreading love to everyone!  She’s as friendly as she is beautiful and is more than happy to take a picture with you!

CineDopes has a tent promoting their hilarious web series, and if you haven’t watched it, check out TotalAnarchy TV and binge watch it all!

And last, but not least, the guys from Broken Lizard will be screening Super Troopers tomorrow, so stop by and watch it with the guys themselves!  And stay tuned to Stoned Girls, as we are getting an exclusive interview with them tonight!

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