The Social High App Has Officially Launched

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Cannabis News: Social High is a new platform for cannabis users.

Cannabis News:

If you have an iPhone and love to smoke weed (or want to meet people who do!), look no further than Social High, a brand-spanking-new “social media platform devoted to the cannabis community”.  And, if you belong to the Google family, don’t worry – Social High is coming soon to you!

According to the iTunes store, “Social High allows you to build a social circle with friends and connect with new ones in your area that share the same passion for cannabis you do. Review strains, discuss medicinal breakthroughs, share your personal experiences, discover events in your area and connect with fellow bud connoisseurs.”

According to us, it’s absolutely amazing.  Each user creates a personal profile where they can highlight their favorite weed-inspired activities and interests.  You can upload photos, and even rate the interactions you’ve had with other users.  This ensures that no one will be allowed to kill your smoking social vibe.

Leafly Joins Up

This new social media platform is so comprehensive, Leafly even got in on it!   Furthermore, Social High in conjunction with Leafly, allows users to search their favorite strains, and then share them with friends.  And, in addition to location, photo, and rating, you can also search for other users based on their favorite strains.

So, once you find a friend who’s photos you like and enjoys the same types of weed you do, thanks to Social High’s direct messaging, you can connect to them on a more personal level.

“The most surreal moment in life is seeing one of your dreams turn into a reality. With the launch of Social High, that moment has come for our entire team,” says Social High Co-Founder and CEO Scott Bettano. “The cannabis industry as a whole is driven by its strong sense of community, and we are proud to bring people a little closer together through Social High.  This app offers cannabis enthusiasts a safe place to interact and expand on their experiences, while also continuing to develop the cannabis culture as the marijuana taboo continues to be conquered.”

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