Students Create Marijuana ‘Breathalyzer’

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While legal weed is fucking amazing, there is one aspect of it that still poses a challenge to all of those living in de-criminalized states:  How do we detect high driving?

It’s a little different and more difficult than alcohol impairment.

It seems, though, that two biomedical engineering students at the University of Akron have potentially solved this problem for us.  They have invented a device that would test for the active amounts of THC in a person during traffic stops.

The device tests a person’s saliva to determine the concentration of weed in a person’s bloodstream.  Currently, police have to wait for blood tests to determine THC in a person’s system, which is a testing method that is often unreliable because of how long remnants can remain in a person after they consume weed.  While being high only lasts a couple of hours, THC can remain in a person’s system for up to a month – or more – depending on their bodily makeup.

The students have received a $10,000 grant to continue creating this device, that they are calling “The Cannibuster.”

It is important to us here at Stoned Girls to say that we do not condone impaired driving in any sense.

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