The Green Mountain State May Be The Next To Actually Go Green

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The Governor of Vermont, Peter Shumlin, is looking to help take Vermont in a positive direction towards recreational marijuana legalization. Governor Shumlin helped pass medical marijuana and decriminalization laws in Vermont. Also, Shumlin has done many positive things when it comes to cannabis reform for the state.

Governor Peter Shumlin is making sure to take all necessary steps when passing marijuana legalization. Shumlin takes these steps so that the laws for the state of Vermont will be cemented laws that will help solidify the medical and economic structure. Governor Peter Shumlin, via the request of legislation, contracted the RAND Corporation to do a study on marijuana legalization for Vermont.  Furthermore, this study was to include everything from public safety and health, to the potential state revenue that could be raised from marijuana tax.

Governor Shumlin is definitely doing positive things to elevate marijuana policy for the state of Vermont. Currently, Vermont has legal access to medical marijuana, and marijuana has been decriminalized. If you are caught with one ounce of marijuana or less your penalty is only a civil violation. Therefore, you could receive a maximum fine ranging from 200 to $500. The fine depends on how many times they keep catching you with marijuana. So hopefully, the Governor of Vermont will help to elevate the state for good in 2016.

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