Waka Flocka Flame Ad Update

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Cannabis News: Waka Ad Update

On Monday we shared the Waka Flocka cough drops commercial that ABC aired during the American Music Awards, which was very suggestive regarding Mr. Flocka’s marijuana usage.


We were thrilled to see that a major network was embracing how mainstream marijuana has become, and considered this to be a huge step forward for cannabis culture.  Unfortunately, there are some other major networks who are not as open minded as our friends at ABC.  Both CBS and NBC have decided to ban the Waka Flocka commercial from their networks.

First, a lot of people seem to be blaming Waka Flocka for the ad.  Making such comments as “Waka Flocka shocked us Sunday night.”  I don’t think it’s a huge secret that the guy, who posted a job offer for his own personal blunt roller, loves weed.  What was surprising is that Pine Brother’s decided to revolve their advertisement around it, and ABC actually aired it.  Stoners everywhere swelled with pride.

The Pine Brother’s marketing team are doing something right, as it is reported that the ad was shared 45,000 times by Monday night, reaching an estimated 11 million people.  Pine Brother’s rep, David Roach, wasn’t shy about his displeasure for the ban by the other networks.  Roach said, “We got a lot of pushback from NBC and CBS.  They’re in the Stone Age, because there is nothing offensive about this ad.”  Mr. Roach, we completely agree with you.  The ad was an innocent and fanciful joke about coughing from weed.  Last time we checked, recreational weed smoking was legal in several states across the US.

What the Networks Say

We have mused a lot lately about how TV was going to deal with the ever-changing marijuana laws, and ABC gave us hope.  Unfortunately, CBS and NBC have a ways to go with regards to their marijuana policies.  Whether they like it or not, marijuana is here to stay.

What does Waka Flocka have to say about all this commotion?  “”I think it’s pretty great that everyone is talking about Waka Flocka Flame’s moment during the American Music Awards and I wasn’t even at the show,” the rapper said.

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