Waka Flocka Cares About Your Throat

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A a commercial for Pine Brothers cough drops aired featuring Waka Flocka Flame.  We had a few questions about this news, like isn’t that kind of a weird spot to be airing a product from a brand most of us haven’t even heard of?  And, why would an accomplished rapper such as Waka Flocka endorse such a…boring product? Because the good people at Pine Brothers made the entire commercial into a play on how much weed Waka smokes, and it’s hilarious.

It’s good to see that not only are Pine Brothers A-OK with smoking weed, but so is ABC apparently, as it was the network that aired the commercial.  On a serious note, though, a national ad featuring a joke about weed is a HUGE step forward for this cannabis culture as a whole, even if it was Waka Flocka doing the stepping.  Not to mention, Pine Brothers was pretty smart for creating and running this ad.  Hats off to you, marketing team!

The most intriguing part of the 30 second commercial, however, is how good of an actor Waka Flocka really is.  He did such an impressive job of making us laugh that we see a cross-over in his future.

Here is our question to Pine Brothers, though:  When will you make a THC-infused cough drop?  That seems to be the only logical next step in this process.

And don’t worry, everyone, we included the video just in case you had any questions about how fabulous it actually is.

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