Barcelona Hosts Giant Weed Festival

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For those of you who think that your European vacation has to include Amsterdam in order to get good and high, you are sadly mistaken.  Barcelona, Spain is home to more than just romance and beautiful scenery.  Spain is actually a lesser known tourist hotbed in the cannabis community.

The Festivals

Cannabis News

Spain is home to one of the largest weed festivals in the world, aptly named Spannabis.  The nice part about Spannabis for us American’s is that it takes place in February; so just when you think you can’t take the dull, gray, cold days of winter anymore, you can escape to a marijuana wonderland on the beaches of Barcelona.  Spannabis boasts almost two hundred vendors, ranging from paraphernalia, to cultivation, to the best seeds on the market.  Professionals in cannabis culture flock to Barcelona for this festival, so if you’re looking to learn or just plain network, this is the place to be.  Spannabis isn’t all business, though.  We know you’re on vacation and want to relax and have a good time.  There are featured DJs as well as parades of people dressed up in fun and fancy costumes to enjoy.

Spannabis isn’t the only cannabis related festival in Barcelona, however.  If for whatever reason you can’t stray from work at the end of February, there is always the High Life Expo to look forward to.  The High Life expo is basically the Olympics of weed, and while there is a healthy level of competition, everyone is always friendly and having a great time.  Judges examine the quality of seeds, hemp, weed, and hash and determine the winners of various categories.  Also, if the High Life Expo is in need of any judges, I happen to know someone who would be more than happy to help out.

Johnny Law

Cannabis News

He looks like his name should be Johnny Law.

Spain was actually one of the first European countries to decriminalize marijuana.  The growing and possession of small amounts of weed is A-OK to the Spanish, thankfully.  However, the buying and selling of weed as well as public consumption is illegal, and Spain has some of the most severe penalties for drug related offenses in Europe.  Scared?  Don’t be.  All you have to do as a tourist is join one of their local cannabis clubs, and you are protected under Johnny Law.  Your friendly WeedMaps app will actually help you find a club near you that will be a good fit.

Still Nervous?Cannabis News

I get it.  Your Spanish leaves a lot to be desired and you’re scared of ending up becoming someone’s girlfriend in a seedy prison overseas.  The good folks over at Heady Tours Barcelona will take very good care of you.  They pride themselves on being the foremost cannabis concierge service.  It is their mission to make sure that tourists stay legal under Spanish law, are not taken advantage of by people trying to rip them off, and get the best, most potent weed Spain has to offer.  They know the city very well, and will only take you to the best parts of town.

One lucky tourist said, “Me and my boyfriend arrived in Barcelona last week and we didn’t know who to ask about this because we don’t have any friends in town, so we went on a Heady Tour, at first we didn’t know what to expect, but the guys who give the tour are so cool and know the city so well, they took us around and we signed up to this very cool club that had everything and such good quality I was impressed!”  Make sure to book your tour well in advance, as they fill up fairly quickly.

You Should Join!

Obviously Barcelona is a beautiful place to vacation, especially if you like to smoke weed.  The nature and atmosphere is among the best in the world, and the food is exquisite.  There are a million different cultural and historical things to make sure you enjoy while you are vacationing there, and the most important part is to relax.  After all, this is your vacation.  These festivals and tours are what make Barcelona unique to a pothead, however, and I thought that it was important to highlight as many people may not know how much of a stoner hotbed Barcelona actually is.

Been to Barcelona?  Let me know about your experience!  E-mail me at!

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