Test Results Show Weed Is Stronger Than Ever

lab results

It seems that there is now evidence showing today’s marijuana will get you super high.  Like really, really stoned.

Clearly, marijuana has made pretty big advances in both legality and technology over the past few years, and it is both of these things that have affected the potency of the plant.  Marijuana in recreationally legal states undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it is both safe for consumption, as well as labeled properly for purchase.

Scientist Andy LaFrate presented this evidence at an American Chemical Society meeting in Denver.  He said, “There’s a lot of homogeneity whether you’re talking medical or retail level.  One plant might have green leaves and another purple, and the absolute amount of cannabinoids might change, which relates to strength.  But the ratio of THC to CBD to other cannabinoids isn’t changing a whole lot.”

In other words, according to LaFrate, “This stuff is strong.”

According to Healthline News, LaFrate founded the Charas Scientific laboratory to test recreational marijuana for Colorado.

LaFrate went on to explain that about thirty years ago, the potency of weed was below 10%.  Today, the average potency of the 600 samples he tested was 18.7%.  Some even exceeded 30%.

Now, clearly marijuana testing wasn’t nearly as advanced 30 years ago as it is today in the ever-changing cannabis market, but it is easy to understand and believe that the carefully engineered weed nowadays will get you much higher than the weed of 1985.

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