This Week in Recreational Legalization


This week can already go down in the history books as a very exciting time for marijuana legalization. Yesterday, recreational weed officially became legal in Alaska, and both today and tomorrow bring news just as good to the cannabis community.

Jamaican Me Crazy

First, Jamaica decriminalized small amounts of marijuana today.  For those of you who only picture Rasta, reggae, and a shit ton of weed when you hear “Jamaica,” although marijuana has been rampant, it has still been illegal.  Spurred by the United States’ movement in legalization, Jamaica’s Parliament gave final approval to an act decriminalizing small amounts of weed, as well as establishing a licensing agency to regulate their medicinal industry.

“I think he took it a little too far.”

“I think he took it a little too far.”

Under the new laws, the possession of under two ounces of weed is now just a ticket-able offense, and the cultivation of five or fewer plants is permitted.  So all of this is really exciting…but just for Jamaica’s residents, right?  Wrong.  Any and all tourists who are prescribed medical marijuana will be able to apply for permits to legally buy weed when they are visiting Jamaica.  And that is fucking neat.

The Cannabis Capital of the Country

On a more local note, our nation’s capital becomes cannabis friendly at midnight on Thursday, which is really just a few short hours away.  And, at 12:01 Thursday morning, DC residents will not only get the right to legal weed, but they are allowed twice as much as any recreationally legal state!  That’s right, just like Jamaica, the residents of DC are allowed up to two ounces of weed.  Residents will also be able to cultivate up to six plants in their home; however, only three may be mature.  And that’s about it for the cannabis laws in DC, as congress blocked all funding that would go to such regulatory projects back in December.

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