What Is Cannabis? Does It Have Any Medical Significance?

Grown marijuana foliage

What is cannabis?

Simply put, cannabis is a plant.  It is used to produce hemp fiber, recreationally for its psychoactive effects, and has many medical benefits as well.  The cannabis plant grows wild in tropical and temperate climates around the world, but thanks to advances in hydroponics, it can be grown almost anywhere.  They main psychoactive element of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.  Smoking the cannabis plant is the most common way to consume it.  To make cannabis able to be smoked, it is dried.  Then either put into a pipe or rolled up in a joint.

Does it have any medical significance?

Cannabis is very significant to the medical community.  Currently, 23 states have legalized cannabis for medical uses.  Cannabis can be used to help alleviate negative side effects of chemotherapy.  The CBD chemical in cannabis can also help stop cancer from spreading.  Cannabis is also used to treat glaucoma as well as epileptic seizures.  Arthritis, and any other inflammatory disease can be treated with cannabis.

Cannabis can also be used to treat a variety of mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety. Cannabis will also spur creativity in the brain, and many veterans are proponents of legal cannabis because it has been proven to help with PTSD.

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