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This whimsical weed cannabox is sure to delight the child at heart.

We finally got another monthly delivery from our friends at Cannabox!  And, this month’s box is circus themed, which is delightfully off-putting.

  Our marketing coordinator dropped the box off at my desk with strict instructions to not open it until we could not only get pictures of it, but also get a video of someone (not even me) opening it up.  I debated a freak out, but ultimately decided against it because I would probably get fired from my dream job and would never be able to forgive myself.

What is Inside?

Anyway, when I did finally get it back (already opened), what I saw inside instantly made me feel better.  The first thing I pulled out was a cone of Classic Raw natural unrefined rolling papers.  I sincerely appreciate that Cannabox always provides me with rolling papers.  It is so amazing to know that I never need to worry about ever having to buy them again.  I digress, though.  These particular rolling papers come pre-rolled with a “filter” on the end.  That is neat.  I suppose all you do then is shove your weed inside the cone and you’re good to go.  I have a feeling even the most novice smoker could figure that out.

Next up was this very fancy sticker that features a mustache with the saying “My Stache” under it, which is now on my file cabinet above my desk.  I’ve seen similar things all around Pinterest.  Apparently, crafting your own stash jars with delightful puns is really big in the Martha Stewart-esque cannabis culture.

Wait there is more

After I claimed my new sticker, I pulled out the first of two edible elements in the Cannabox.  A green LolliPipe (I see what they did there) caught my attention.  The LolliPipe is available in “four ‘tasty’ flavors,” and I happened to get green apple.  I had a few questions for the good people at LolliPipe, though:  “Wait, so I can eat the entire thing?”  “So, does that mean I can’t really smoke out of it?”  And, as it turns out, the pipe is 100% edible AND smokeable!  Great Odin’s ravens!  What a great invention!  “But wait, won’t it get all weird and melt-y from the heat?”  NOPE!  It’s even reusable as long as you don’t awkwardly slobber all over it in excitement.

The only part of the LolliPipe that was a little confusing to me was its smell – it smelt like a lumberyard.  I’m not joking.  It smelled like trees.  It was weird.

After I got bored and sticky from my LolliPipe, I pulled out a yellow NoGoo non-stick container.  The company’s slogan is “takin the icky out of sticky,” and that is entertaining enough for me.  A crowd of coworkers formed around my desk (not uncommon, I am very popular) to check the thing out.  I looked at the NoGoo website and the container is made of silicone, so nothing will ever stick to it.  Also, it is microwave (why?) and dishwasher safe.  Neat.  My boss stole it before I could put anything inside of it, but I hear it’s serving its purpose for her very well.

Wait there is even more!

Next up was a little blue tube that you put your weed in.  It came with a cute little sticker that you put on the outside of it to make it look like it’s prescription weed.  I found that it was really hard to keep closed though.  I even complained that it was broken until a coworker came over and showed me I was doing it wrong.

Then, I pulled out the second edible item in this month’s Cannabox, which was a bag of sour candy aptly named Cotton Mouth Candy, claiming to prevent and cure dry mouth.  Also, they claim they are “the best candy under the sun.”  That is a lofty claim.  Plus, the company touts that they are certified kosher, fat free, preservative free, gluten free, and sugar free.  I love candy of any kind, so I was more than down with taste testing them all.  The first one I picked was peach flavored, and I’ll hand it to the Cotton Mouth Candy Company, it was fucking delightful.  In fact, the only thing that could possibly make these candies better is if they actually got you high.

The last thing Cannabox included in my monthly dank delivery was a decent-sized red pipe.  It is a simple thing and would be really good in a pinch.  And, there is a creepy skull wearing makeup and a joker’s hat on it, which unsettles me just enough to make me love it.

All in all, this month’s cannabis circus from Cannabox did not disappoint, and I proudly added the stuff to my secret desk collection of cool weed shit.  Just like always, I can’t wait for what the postman brings me next month from Cannabox.


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