Cannabox Review: High Life


It’s that time again that we celebrate all that is weed and share our Cannabox contents with all of you!

This month’s theme was “High Life,” and the items we got were pretty rad.

First, Unbleached Cones.  Invented in the Netherlands, these Rodawg smoking cones come 12 to a package.  For those of you who don’t know, being unbleached means that the cones are all natural and made from rice paper.  Because of this, they will smoke and smolder slowly.

Following the Unbleached Cones were The Notorious B.I.G Wraps.  There were three wraps in the package, two of which were regular and one was all natural.  The packaging says that these wraps pair well with Kingpin Tobacco, but we will let you determine your filling contents.

The Little Green Book of Weed was in the bottom of our box, and it’s basically a catch all weed guide.  It’s full of chapters on different types of cannabis, healthy munchies, movie madness, and even a list of your rights as an American Stoner. There are plenty of pages in this book for you to write down your own favorite recipes or secret  stoner tricks.

Cannabox also included a Diamond Chillum, and this piece will surely have you feeling like you are smoking straight diamonds. Its rigid shaft makes it easy to grip and the bowl is deep.


Designed to hold any number of marijuana related items, such as: raw flowers, infused candies, capsules, and mints, the Safeguard Jar is a stoner necessity. The jar is carefully crafted with a safety lock on the top, it’s perfect for being inconspicuous.

If your preference is wax or dabbing, then the Wax Wallet is just for you. It’s small enough to take with you anywhere, and fits perfect in your pocket for those stressful times in life when you just need a little break.

All in all, this month’s Cannabox is perfect for your high class cannabis enthusiast who enjoys Biggie Smalls, diamonds, and the ability to keep their meetings with Mary Jane a little less obvious.

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