Cannabox Review: January Edition


It’s that time again to show some appreciation for our friends over at Cannabox for sending us another box full of marijuana-themed items! Something tells me this time around that loving pot is a battlefield, because this box had me ready for war!

It’s always such a pleasure to receive these boxes. Not to mention, month after month, the items in the boxes get better and better! So, if you haven’t checked out Cannabox yet, you better get to it, especially if you like surprises!

The most recent box we received didn’t come with a theme, other than the obvious… marijuana. Nevertheless, inside the box was the infamous Raw Cone, filled with six 1.25-sized rolling papers, made of the purest natural fibers. These amazing pre-rolled papers include built-in filters at one end, making the joints almost impossible to burn out, should you get high, set them down and forget. The Raw Cone even comes with its own “natural way to roll” scoop, so you always know exactly how much weed to roll up inside of the cone without overdoing it. It measures out the correct amount for you – all you need to do is place the weed on the designated line with one hand, hold the Raw Cone with the other, and literally dump the weed into the Cone, roll one up and smoke her down!!

Obviously, the Cannabox creators are geniuses, acknowledging that we stoners tend to lose lighters. Don’t know how it happens, whether they just magically disappear or some sticky-stoner-finger bandits are on the loose. Maybe you got a few friends who just simply forget to pass the lighter in the rotation. Whatever it may be, it is almost a guarantee that your lighter will go missing at least once during your smoke sesh. Luckily, the brilliant minds at Cannabox decided to put not just any kind of lighter in this month’s box…

Instead they included a grenade lighter, and this grenade lighter is a refillable butane lighter that, in our opinion, shouldn’t be quite as noisy as it is. Making continuous ‘war’ themed sounds, this grenade lighter would serve its purpose just fine if its job were to just light things and not recreate the front lines. I don’t know about you all but this intense noise is NOT something I would look forward to during my smoke session.

Continuing with intensity, the Cyclone Blunt Cone is next on our list. The blunt includes a bamboo “dank 7 tip,” soaked for 7 days to create intense flavor. It’s perfect for those of you who like to smoke blunts, of course, as this thing is double wrapped, ensuring slow burning for long lasting flavor. You can also fill it with tobacco, or your favorite herbal tobacco, or as we like to call it wacky tobacky!

It’s pretty much assured that, inside each Cannabox, you can bank on getting any number of different smoking devices. In this box, there was a lovely yellow and greenish-colored glass pipe. The pipe can be comfortably held in your left hand, and when sat down, it is designed to sit up straight so as to not spill the bowl. And, while the bowl size is small to medium, I would say it’s just right for the perfect high.

Continuing with the ‘war’ theme, the next item is a must-have if you are a stoner. I know from personal experience that it is much easier to use a grinder, rather than your hands as you can damage the potency of your weed that way. This grinder is special, however, as it is shaped like a sawed-off bullet with a magnetic top (so no spills can occur) and a keef catcher on the bottom.

Lastly, we have a random yet fantastic item in the Cannabox that is perfect for all those stoners who are loud and proud and ain’t afraid of ”the man.” I’m talking knee-high marijuana-leaf socks, bitches. These cozy foot warmers are perfect for your next 4:20 party or even for when you are just lounging around the house. Colored with different shades of green and patterned with different-sized pot leaves, these socks are a great addition to your weed-inspired closet.

In conclusion, another successful package from Cannabox, if you ask us. We thoroughly enjoyed all the items this month, and look forward to putting them to good use. I always look forward to receiving my box in the mail, and encourage you to sign up for them, as well… Because if you haven’t signed up yet, well then I just have to ask, BITCH, are you high?

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