Cannabox Review: Baked

Cannabox baked

Ladies and gentleman, get ready for the best Cannabox yet!  That’s right, this Cannabox is the crown jewel of the Cannabox legacy.  The theme this month is “Baked,” so right off the bat you know you’re getting something delightfully delicious.

First up out of the box is Cotton Mouth Candy, which prevents and cures dry mouth.  Regardless of what kind of food allergies you may have, you can still enjoy Cotton Mouth Candy.  They are sugar free, gluten free, fat free and preservative free.  According to the package, “Cotton Mouth Candy is a special formulation that includes a secret all natural ingredient used to prevent and cure dry mouth.”  Who created such a wonderful candy, you might ask!  Well, “The Cotton Mouth Candy formula was developed by a traditional Kung Fu Master who learned that certain roots and herbs help stimulate saliva.”

This guy knows his way around dry mouth.

This guy knows his way around dry mouth.

Next up is Stink Sack’s Always Wake ‘N Bakin’ smell-proof storage bags.  First of all, what a name!  Second, the package comes with 3 medium bags that all look like a package of bacon, which can be cruel to hungry stoners.  Anyway, the bags are water-proof, sand-proof, and smell-proof, and will more than likely impress your friends.

We pulled a fortune cookie out of the box next, and we have to say, it was a simple, yet nice touch.  The cookie gave us something to munch on, and our fortune, which was, “You will live on a beach and smoke pot,” was as accurate as it was delicious.

Cannabox is our favorite monthly subscription for a million reasons, but one is because they always include the best pieces.  You always get blunt wraps and papers in your box, but you almost always get a really cool glass piece to add to your collection as well.  This month was a Chameleon Glass bowl made exclusively for Cannabox.  You cannot buy these in any stores.  There are a few different “flavors,” and we got a badass blue cupcake.

So, Cannabox put together this very cool Baked themed box, and just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we pulled out probably one of the coolest items to ever be included in Cannabox (or life in general).  It’s called Blazin’ Brownies and it comes in what looks like a little green pill bottle.  Upon further inspection, it is a MICROWAVEABLE HERB BROWNIE MIX.  That’s right, pot brownies in a mug – life is good.  You can check out a how-to video at!

Next up is an item that has caused much chaos and controversy in the Stoned Girls office:  chicken and waffles blunt wraps from Royal Blunts.  Immediately everyone in the office wanted to open and smell them.  Were they going to smell salty?  Would they be more syrupy?  So many questions.  Finally, after we photographed them, we opened them like they were the holy grail.  As it turns out they were a delightful blend of syrup, fried goodness, and tobacco.  We recommend them.

Remember last month when we told you there would be a special surprise in this month’s Cannabox?  Well here it is – the moment you’ve been waiting all month for!  The last item in the Baked Cannabox was none other than a Stoned Girls R Hot sticker from yours truly.  That’s right – we made it into the exclusive club that is Cannabox!  These stickers were made specifically for Cannabox, and much like the Chameleon Glass bowls, they are not available for purchase.

We want to give a big thanks to our friends at over at Cannabox for including us in this month’s package, and if you missed out on all this goodness, get your life together and click here right now to order next month’s Cannabox!

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