Cannabox Review: Blazed Bros

Image Credit:  Cannabox

Image Credit: Cannabox

The most exciting part of our month is here again, which is saying a lot considering we are surrounded by naked chicks and weed all the time.  Like, all the time.  And while that is fun, we still get much more excited every time our Cannabox gets dropped off.  This month, we got a SUPER cool Super Mario Bros themed box, which could possibly make it the best one ever.

Sitting right on top of everything was a Super Stoned Stash.  That’s right, we got a fake mustache.  And, while the Super Stoned Stash really has nothing to do with smoking weed, we have found that it is so much more fun to smoke weed while wearing it.

To go with your Super Stoned Stash, the next item that Cannabox included is a pair of 8-Bit Shades.  Basically, they gave you the best incognito costume ever.  The shades have little pixelated weed leaves on them, and will be perfect for a sunny summer day.  Or, you know, if you happen to just have really dry, red eyes.

The next thing we pulled out was a delicious candy version of Mario’s coins, in an adorable tin that looks like the blocks in the game.  While the tin was good to hold the coins in, munchies kicked in and we ate them superfast.  The tin didn’t stay empty, though, as it doubles really nicely as a stash box.

The best part about Cannabox is that they always give you a smoking apparatus.  If nothing else, this monthly subscription is a super cheap and easy way to build your glass collection.  This month, we got a 1Up pipe made by Chameleon Glass.  It looks just like the green mushroom in the game, and will surely make your life a little higher.  See what we did there?

As if the 1Up pipe wasn’t enough, we also got a pack of Peaches & Cream Juicy Jay rolling papers.  Princess Peach would be proud, as these papers smell as good as they smoke.  Juicy papers use a watermark that actually helps to prevent runs, and they use a natural, plant based glue.

Next, we pulled out a super sweet sticker that features Mario smoking a joint siting under a mushroom, and a coupon for 15% off at  It’s the little stuff like this that puts Cannabox ahead of the rest.

Finally, we pulled out a stash jar from 420 Science that features the green mushroom.  In fact, it matches our pipe.  Once again, it’s the little things that mean the most.  The stash jar is a pop top, and if you didn’t happen to get one because you foolishly haven’t signed up for Cannabox yet, you can buy your very own at

Once again, Cannabox has provided us a fruitful yield of smoking accessories.  You can get your very own Cannabox subscription here!  We can’t wait for next month!