Cannabox Review: Road Trip


This months cannabox is a weed smoking adventure!

After patiently waiting an entire month, we finally got another delivery from our good friends over at Cannabox, and although it doesn’t have a super awesome Stoned Girls R Hot sticker included, this month is still pretty rad.  The theme is road trip, and considering the Stoned Girls team just got back from filming in Las Vegas, we can definitely get down with the goodies inside.


Travel Boxes

First up, there is a metal stash tin with a Ken Kesey-esque psychedelic bus on the front.  The nice part about the stash box is that it is secure enough to keep your weed safe and sound, but small enough to fit in your back pocket or purse, which makes it perfect for both short and long trips!

What’s the best thing about being at the beach?  Smoking weed at the beach, clearly.  What’s the worst thing about being at the beach?  Sand.  Everywhere.  Lucky for you, if you subscribed to Cannabox this month, you can at least keep sand out of your weed, if nowhere else.  In addition to the stash tin, they provided a beach stash, which keeps your weed safe, dry, and sand-free.  Not only that, but it is a keychain so you won’t have to worry about losing it.  Well, unless you lose your keys that is.

Cannabox also included a Ryot rolling wallet.  The front flap of the wallet is sturdy enough to break up and roll weed on, and the pouch of the wallet is stick resistant, so you can carry your weed in there without having to worry about losing any or having a big sticky mess on the inside.  The wallet is as inconspicuous  as it is functional, and perfect for literally any type of travel.


 Weed Smoking Devices

Next, we pulled out a Fold-A-Pipe.  About the size of a credit card, Fold-A-Pipe fits snugly in your wallet or pocket, which makes it perfect for travel.  The metal card seems difficult at first, but the sleeve it comes in gives really great instructions on how to fold it up and get smoking.  Think of the Fold-A-Pipe as the Ikea of pieces you didn’t know you needed.

The next smoking device we pulled out was arguably the coolest device ever included in Cannabox.  They actually included, believe it or not, a Snoop Dogg G Pen.  The G pen is a manual, rechargeable, herbal vaporizer, and it is cool as shit.  The G Pen retails for about $75, and when you pit that against the $19.88 per month Cannabox subscription, there’s no reason not to sign up right now.  Like right now.  Now.

The awesome thing about Cannabox is that they always throw in papers.  In fact, you never have a need to ever go out and buy papers again because Cannabox always makes sure you have them.  This month, though, they took it one step further.  They included Trip clear cellulose rolling papers.  You read that right, the papers are clear!  You will always get shotgun (get it?!) by bringing these awesome novelty papers.

So, you have these papers, but are finding it a little difficult to roll a joint on the go.  Not a problem.  Cannabox anticipated that and included a Ryot rolling machine.  Now you can load up your amazing Trip papers and weed into the machine and roll them up really quick.

Although it may be hard to believe, Cannabox keeps getting better every month.  We strongly recommend that you check it out, because every month that you go without Cannabox, is another month you’re not reaching your full, smoking potential.