Cannabox Review: Superhigh

cannabox box

Our very good friends over at Cannabox sent us a pretty badass superhero themed box of stoner goodies, and it could be the coolest Cannabox yet. Inside, there was a whole ton of goodies that will help any alter-ego get super stoned. Not to mention all of the cool novelty items that will impress the Lois Lane in your life.

Super High Me

The first thing we pulled out of our super cool Cannabox this month was Futurola’s Super Sized cones. These pre-rolled cones (complete with tips!) are perfect for when you’re looking to get Hulk-level stoned – or have a lot of friends who want to smoke. They are 180 millimeters of a good time, so get ready to get Hulk-Smashed!

hulk smash

Next up was the Black Widow Cyclones. The two black pre-rolled cones come with a red wooden tip. The colorful look to these cones was actually a really nice touch, and smoking them will definitely make you stand out at any party. Plus, they smell like grape candy, which is just delicious.

As if the cones weren’t enough, Cannabox threw in a Captain America bowl made by Chameleon Glass that will be the highlight of any super smoker’s collection. The bowl is blue glass with the Captain America logo emblazoned on the front, and is no doubt the coolest piece Cannabox has included to date.

I’m High, What Now?

Cannabox is really great about not only ensuring that it’s recipients have more than enough smoking devices, but also have really cool stuff to eat, look at, wear, and otherwise enjoy once their baked. First up in this month’s box was a pair of glittery green weed leaf sunglasses that would be perfect for any festival, concert, or pool day.

Right underneath the sunglasses was a “Coexist” sticker that featured superhero logos as the letters. After we fought about who got the sticker, we pulled out an Incredible Hulk Pez Dispenser, which was genius. Think about how much fun it would be to try and load one of these things when you’re blazed. Talk about working for your munchies!

After these super amazing novelty items, we pulled out something we were a little unfamiliar with (and it’s really hard to stump us here!). It was what looked like a giant coaster with a super high super skunk on the front. Turns out it’s made by Dabpadz, and it is used to set your bong or rig on so that they are secure when they’re being displayed or stored. Essentially, it is a badass coaster for your piece which reduces the risk of breaking it due to slipping and falling. This product is an incredibly smart buy for any pothead out there, and we are more than proud to present our pieces on it.


Next up was something else we didn’t know we needed, but we are certainly glad we have. It was a Mini 420 Scope, complete with an led light. According to Cannabox, you can use the microscope to “look for bugs, molds, mildews, ripeness, potency, or simply just to admire the beauty of your plant.” Or to look at small stuff when you’re high, because why not?

All in all this month’s Cannabox was just super. They provided us with a lot of really cool stuff we will be using for the next month, and beyond! You can order your own Cannabox here, and we certainly recommend you do sooner than later. There’s a special surprise in next month’s that you don’t want to miss out on!

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