CannaClo Has The Dankest Weed Gear On The Internet


Weed clothing company reps cannabis culture right

Do you love weed and wish there was a way for you to rep it without having to wear a tie-dyed Bob Marley t-shirt all the time? Well, CannaClo feels you, and has your answer.

CannaClo is a rad new cannabis clothing company that supports weed in style. They offer a variety of stylish cannabis-centric t-shirts and sweatshirts at very reasonable prices. Like, say you really like sports, but also want the world to know how much grass you smoke while watching them. They’ve got you covered with this tee right here.

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And at only $19.99, we’re pretty sure you can afford it.

But that’s not all. They also have these dank galaxy sweatshirts.

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And we know what you’re thinking – that’s way more expensive than the t-shirt! Something like that must cost at least $50. Nope. $34.99. Not to mention you can get it as a regular sweatshirt OR as a hoodie.

CannaClo is your answer to not so subtle, yet tastefully worn cannabis clothing, and you can click here to browse their entire collection!

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