Here’s A Complete Rundown Of Cannafest

Image Credit: Cannafest

Image Credit: Cannafest

Some days ago “Cannafest -The international trade show of cannabis and medical herbs” took place in Czech Republic. The event (which is entering its seventh year!) is one of the most important, if not the greatest, cannabis industry events(at least in Europe) took place at the Expo Prague Holešovice.

The popularity of Cannafest is growing year by year. Last year, the fair featured over 200 exhibitors, and this year hosted 250 participants coming from 25 different countries, making this event the largest in it’s history.

The political changes all over the world which seem to be moving fast in more cannabis friendly reforms (and also in Europe at a minor pace) make the Cannabis market an attractive option for doing business. In just three days, many thousands of people passed by beautiful event location.

Visitors had the opportunity to visit companies representing the whole spectrum of the cannabis market and products, hailing from all around the world. Among the many different niches, there were exhibitors related to cultivation technology, fertilizers, cannabis seeds, smoking paraphernalia, all kinds of relevant accessories, and of course the latest trends on vaporizers technologies were also there. Moreover, hemp cosmetic products, clothing items, or hemp food were also a part of this variety of choices.

Now that cannabis is no longer a black market product, it has attracted the attention of the media.  More and more people need information and awareness about cannabis.

Among the participants were also institutions who support the legalization and the use of cannabis in medicine. Additionally, a part of the trade show was the professional conference with many interesting discussions that had to do not only with business, but also with technological developments of the industry.  Others that had to do with patient advocacy, open discussions on the political trends, the relevant legislation and other related subjects. All these talks were in two languages – Czech and English, with concurrently interchanging translations.

What was very interesting to see is that the sessions were often very packed with people, and therefore crowded. For example, the session called “Cannabis Oil Protocol in Practice” attracted many people.

As medical cannabis is becoming legal, extremely appreciated, and popular in such a short time, many people are curious to learn about it. That is the reason important scientists arrived in Prague from abroad.  For example, Dr.Yehuda Baruch who gave a talk on “Cannabis for Therapeutic Purposes and the Science Supporting It”.

This year the medical cannabis strains were one of the favorite subjects of discussion.

You could spend a lifetime going around the huge expo, trying the tasty hemp delicacies, and getting to know all these sort of cannabis paraphernalia and products that you cannot even imagine. There was a huge variety of companies providing solutions for every need. And, of course, you could meet people at the chillout zone, have fun at the Cannafest stage (several competitions were taking place there), and if you wanted more you could join the after parties (in several places in Prague).

So now that the Cannafest number 7 is over, we can definitely say that it was worth it. The good thing is that every year it gets better. We are looking forward Cannafest 8.  See you there!