Update: Here’s Who Voted To Legalize Marijuana On Tuesday

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Guaranteeing Workplace Safety in the Age of Legalized Drugs Considered


Lance Winslow Many small business owners, me included, are quite worried about the potential legalization of marijuana in California. If marijuana is legalized, and since many people into using it, more workers may come to work when they’re high in the future (at least this is a fear), although most

Is Legalization of Marijuana a Chance We Want to Take?


Gloria B. MacTaggart The legalization of marijuana has been an issue for a long time, but since Governor Schwarzenegger opened the door to serious discussion of the subject as a remedy to California’s financial problems it’s getting more headlines than ever. Amsterdam is frequently cited as the model for legalization,

The Next States Likely To Legalize Marijuana

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Alaska, Oregon, and Washington DC all legalized recreational marijuana this past year, and we at Stoned Girls couldn’t be happier for them.  With all that hype dying down a bit, we were wondering what states were likely to follow suit.