Update: Here’s Who Voted To Legalize Marijuana On Tuesday

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What Food You Can Expect At The BBQ This Weekend, Depending On Where You Live

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Guaranteeing Workplace Safety in the Age of Legalized Drugs Considered


Lance Winslow Many small business owners, me included, are quite worried about the potential legalization of marijuana in California. If marijuana is legalized, and since many people into using it, more workers may come to work when they’re high in the future (at least this is a fear), although most

Medical Marijuana: Where Would One Find A Doctor?

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Andrew Stratton Source by Andrew Stratton If a patient has a health condition that would benefit from the use of cannabis, where would he or she find a list of medical marijuana doctors? There are thirteen states that have legalized the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. These states are

Larry Flynt Invests In Weed Company That Employs His Daughter


By Brittni Mitchellon March 28, 2016  Original Source CannabisCulture.com   Famed pornographer and Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has invested $100,000 in Pineapple Express, a publicly traded cannabis company. His daughter Theresa is the company’s vice president of business development. The Los Angeles-based outfit describes its “canna-business” services as “investing in,