Here’s What A Night Inside LA’s Weed Social Club Looks Like


This article was originally published on The Stoner’s Cookbook Cannabis Industry 02.17.16 0 By: Sera Jane Ghaly Share on TwitterShare on Facebook Photo credit Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Google+ Pinterest Despite the fact that marijuana has been legal medically in California for some 20 years, the culture is

Amoeba Music Plans to Sell Cannabis Next to Berkeley Location

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by Benjamin M. Adams | February 10, 2016 This article originated on I Read Culture Cannabis News: Six eager applicants proposed their collective plans to the Berkeley City Council Thursday. As a result, the council recommended three applicants—iCANN Health Center, Berkeley Innovative Health and Berkeley Compassionate Care Center.  Amoeba Records Co-Founder,

LivWell, One of America’s Largest Weed Businesses, Just got a Lot Bigger

Pot shop giant LivWell launched four new stores in as many weeks, now has its sights set on Oregon’s marijuana market. LivWell, one of America’s largest marijuana businesses, just got a lot bigger. On Tuesday, LivWell Enlightened Health opened a brand new pot shop in Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood — making it the fourth LivWell store opening in as many weeks. In the last month, LivWell opened the new Stapleton shop and debuted three newly rebranded…

Top Marijuana Tour Destinations in North America


If you are living or visiting the continent of North America and you love to toke, then here are a few great destinations that are not only great tourism spots but also cannabis friendly! So go ahead and explore these marijuana destinations and experience a great pot smoking vacation! In North America, Canada and the […]

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