Brownie Mary Democrats of California Headed to the California Democratic Party Convention


This article originated on I Read Culture by ireadculture | February 24, 2016 The California Democratic Party will hold its annual gathering this weekend in San Jose, California. The event typically draws the elite political figures from the state, but with this being an election year; all three presidential candidates

Super Bowl Sparks Increase In Marijuana Sales

Super Bowl 50 brought a whole new meaning to the phrase, “this bud’s for you.” Green Rush, the largest cannabis delivery platform in California, says Super Bowl weekend was the most lucrative in the company’s history. So big, it was better than the 4/20 marijuana holiday celebrated in April. Jude Widmann, director of operations at Green Rush, said the company experienced a 310% spike in cannabis delivery orders during the Super Bowl 50 weekend. “Super Bowl 50…

U.S. Surgeon General to Headline San Francisco Marijuana Conference

mmj confrence

Nanette PorterFebruary 01, 2016 Original Source: Former U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders will headline the International Cannabis Business Conference on Feb. 13 and 14 in downtown San Francisco. She’ll be joined by Andrew Sullivan, a prominent author and blogger; Tommy Chong, star of the Cheech & Chong movies; Arjan Roskam,