Larry Flynt Invests In Weed Company That Employs His Daughter


By Brittni Mitchellon March 28, 2016  Original Source   Famed pornographer and Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has invested $100,000 in Pineapple Express, a publicly traded cannabis company. His daughter Theresa is the company’s vice president of business development. The Los Angeles-based outfit describes its “canna-business” services as “investing in,

Brownie Mary Democrats of California Headed to the California Democratic Party Convention


This article originated on I Read Culture by ireadculture | February 24, 2016 The California Democratic Party will hold its annual gathering this weekend in San Jose, California. The event typically draws the elite political figures from the state, but with this being an election year; all three presidential candidates

Here’s What A Night Inside LA’s Weed Social Club Looks Like


This article was originally published on The Stoner’s Cookbook Cannabis Industry 02.17.16 0 By: Sera Jane Ghaly Share on TwitterShare on Facebook Photo credit Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Google+ Pinterest Despite the fact that marijuana has been legal medically in California for some 20 years, the culture is

Pot Dispensaries Flood California Tax Office With Weed-Smelling Cash


This article was published originally on Cannabis Culture By Denver Nicks, TIMEon February 17, 2016   The businesses have no access to traditional banking The dissonance between the legal status of marijuana in some states and its total ban by the federal government has led to some awkward arrangements. In

Stoner Icon Makes a Comeback in Marijuana Business, Politics

He became a stoner cultural icon in 1978 with “Up in Smoke,” the first of a lucrative series of Cheech & Chong movies that comically celebrated pleasures of pot during a wholly illicit era for marijuana. Tommy Chong went on to go to federal prison in 2003 after pleading guilty to distributing drug paraphernalia by selling bongs and water pipes over the Internet. At 65, he announced he’d quit smoking the marijuana herb that made…

Is Cannabis Lube Better than Mainstream Brands? Our ‘Research’ Concludes…

“I need you to review this lube.” This isn’t how we typically begin our editorial meetings at Leafly (unfortunately), but on that particular day, the brand Foria had delivered a little gift to us ladies: arousing cannabis spray. Some of us, being skeptics, wondered whether the special ingredient actually made a difference in arousal or if it was just a novelty, so we took to our bedrooms to investigate a question that most people wouldn’t even…

Medi Mike — the Big Hearted King of Cannabis Comedy

“Medicinal” Michael Boris, or “Medi Mike” for short, is one of the nation’s top marijuana friendly comedians. As the founder of Nuglife Productions, Mike is also one of the leading entertainers in the medical marijuana space. He has produced successful medical marijuana programs on with guests including Doug Benson, Rob Van Dam, Chris “Kid” […]