Update: Here’s Who Voted To Legalize Marijuana On Tuesday

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What Food You Can Expect At The BBQ This Weekend, Depending On Where You Live

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BioTrackTHC Helps Marijuana Businesses Track Inventory And Comply With Regulations

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Four years ago BioTrackTHC, which is based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., had fewer than 20 customers for its “seed to sale” marijuana tracking software. Now the company serves more than 1,600 businesses and five state governments, offering inventory management software for individual companies, and industry-tracking systems to state governments to monitor the legal marijuana production and sales activity in their state. Along with the inventory management, point-of-sale, and data reporting and analysis that a typical…

Federal Bill Would Prevent College Kids With Drug Convictions From Losing Financial Aid


A group of bipartisan lawmakers emerged this week with a piece of legislation intended to repeal the law that has crippled so many students from furthering their education because a drug offense disqualified them from financial aid.

Medical Cannabis Headed Back to Florida Ballot

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After narrowly failing to legalize medical cannabis in 2014, advocates in Florida are headed back to the ballot. Organizers announced Wednesday they’ve secured more than enough signatures to qualify a measure for the November election. The matter will appear on the ballot as Amendment 2. If approved, it would allow cannabis use by patients with the following conditions: Cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, positive status for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), post-traumatic stress…