What Food You Can Expect At The BBQ This Weekend, Depending On Where You Live

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Louisiana: Politicians Contemplate Legalizing Marijuana To Fill $850 Million Budget Deficit


  By Monterey Budon February 23, 2016 Marijuana News Envious of Colorado’s newest source of legal tax revenue, politicians in Louisiana are now reportedly discussing whether or not to hop on board the marijuana legalization train as they look at raking in some much-needed green in the Bayou State. Currently staring

Federal Bill Would Prevent College Kids With Drug Convictions From Losing Financial Aid


A group of bipartisan lawmakers emerged this week with a piece of legislation intended to repeal the law that has crippled so many students from furthering their education because a drug offense disqualified them from financial aid.

Ex-Lineman Kyle Turley on NFL Cannabis Ban: ‘This Whole Thing has to Change’

During his ten-year NFL career, offensive lineman Kyle Turley was known as a tough, passionate, and ferocious player. He may be most remembered for flinging Jets defender Damien Robinson’s helmet during a game (though to be fair, Robinson had just committed a vicious penalty against Turley’s quarterback). Turley played the game in the trenches, where knocks to the head came with every snap. After retirement in 2007, Turley turned to music, releasing an album of…