Top 5 420 Friendly Lodging


 Original Source: usaweed February 26, 2016 0 Comments     Top 5 420 Friendly Lodging in the U.S. Here we have our top 5 420 friendly lodging list for the U.S. It can be hard to find a hotel on the road, and even harder to find a hotel

Where’s The Cheapest Place To Buy Legal Marijuana?

Want to buy legal green without pushing your bank account into the red? Well, then head to the Pacific Northwest. According to MarketWatch, Oregon has the lowest average prices of dispensary cannabis at $214 an ounce. Perfect Price, a price optimization company, analyzed the menu prices for cannabis flowers from 6,000 dispensaries in Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Arizona, California and Michigan, and found that the states with fully operational adult-use markets had lower prices than those…

Which Pot-Friendly US State Is On Your Travel Bucket List?

Along with generating jobs and raking in taxes for state governments, the legalization of adult-use marijuana has led to tourism booms for states such as Colorado and Washington. Four U.S. states—Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington—have fully operational recreational pot markets, meaning that anyone over the age of 21 can score some legal green. For most of us, though, buying weed does not happen at a cash register, which makes the idea of cannabis tourism so…

LivWell, One of America’s Largest Weed Businesses, Just got a Lot Bigger

Pot shop giant LivWell launched four new stores in as many weeks, now has its sights set on Oregon’s marijuana market. LivWell, one of America’s largest marijuana businesses, just got a lot bigger. On Tuesday, LivWell Enlightened Health opened a brand new pot shop in Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood — making it the fourth LivWell store opening in as many weeks. In the last month, LivWell opened the new Stapleton shop and debuted three newly rebranded…

Oregon’s First Marijuana Drive-Thru Coming to Gold Beach

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OK, that’s one order of cannabis. Would you like fries with that? Oregon’s adventure into the world of legal retail marijuana is apparently about to get a quintessentially American convenience – a pot store with a drive-thru. The Curry Coastal Pilot reported Saturday that Green Life Oregon in the coastal town of Gold Beach will soon open a dispensary with a drive-up window across the street from the hospital – Read the entire article at…

Native American Church Sues Postal Service Over Seizure of ‘Sacramental’ Marijuana

Leaders of a Native American church have sued the U.S. Postal Service in federal court after the government seized marijuana that church leaders say was intended for religious use by a member in Ohio. Leaders of the Utah-based Oklehueha Native American Church said the federal government violated their right to religious freedom when authorities seized marijuana intended for use as part of “Native American spiritual healing practices” by a member who suffers from cancer. Joy…

High Holiday Bash in Portland: Northwest Cannabis Classic Changing Perceptions of Marijuana

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  Cannabis news Original Source: Nanette PorterNovember 27, 2015   Close <img src=”” alt=”High Holiday Bash in Portland: Northwest Cannabis Classic Changing Perceptions of Marijuana” title=”High Holiday Bash in Portland: Northwest Cannabis Classic Changing Perceptions of Marijuana” /> Have you ever dreamed of a place where you could sample the

How to buy legal weed in Oregon, 4 things to know about Recreational Marijuana Sales


Original Source: How to buy legal weed in Oregon, 4 things to know about Recreational Marijuana Sales. Today is the first day anyone over the age of 21 can buy Cannabis in Oregon. With a valid government issued ID you can walk into any medical Marijuana dispensary to Cannabis

How much does legal weed cost in Oregon?

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Original Source: Cannabis News: How much does legal weed cost in Oregon? On October 1st, anyone over the age of 21 can purchase Cannabis flowers from Medical Marijuana dispensaries in Oregon. Residents and visitors are excited to participate in this historic shift in Oregon law. One of the biggest

Visiting Oregon? What you need to know to purchase and use cannabis

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Cannabis News: Original Source: What is the legal age to use legal cannabis? You can possess and use recreational marijuana if you are 21 and older. If you are younger, it’s illegal. Where can I purchase legal cannabis? Beginning in October 2015, medical dispensaries may sell one quarter of an

Blumenauer Reminds Us of the Dangers of Weed

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Cannabis News: Marijuana In Politics As previously discussed in the Stoned Travel section of Stoned Girls, people in Oregon might be weird, but they are cool as fuck too. For this bit of cannabis news we applaud them on their recent recreational legalization movement, and there seems to be no