What Food You Can Expect At The BBQ This Weekend, Depending On Where You Live

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Federal Bill Would Prevent College Kids With Drug Convictions From Losing Financial Aid


A group of bipartisan lawmakers emerged this week with a piece of legislation intended to repeal the law that has crippled so many students from furthering their education because a drug offense disqualified them from financial aid.

El Paso County Bans Green Crosses on Medical Marijuana Signs

Medical marijuana facilities in the area could be getting a new look. El Paso County is banning the use of green crosses on medical dispensary signs. The Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously on Feb. 5 to ban green crosses from medical marijuana dispensaries in non-incorporated parts of the county. A white cross with a green background is the universal first aid symbol and county commissioners said younger people, those who move here for the…

Top Marijuana Tour Destinations in North America


If you are living or visiting the continent of North America and you love to toke, then here are a few great destinations that are not only great tourism spots but also cannabis friendly! So go ahead and explore these marijuana destinations and experience a great pot smoking vacation! In North America, Canada and the […]

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