What Food You Can Expect At The BBQ This Weekend, Depending On Where You Live

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The Next States Likely To Legalize Marijuana

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Alaska, Oregon, and Washington DC all legalized recreational marijuana this past year, and we at Stoned Girls couldn’t be happier for them.  With all that hype dying down a bit, we were wondering what states were likely to follow suit. 

It Could Be Frodo’s Younger Brother: Nimbin


Great Place To Visit, And You Would Like To Live There Cannabis News: Nimbin-it sounds like the name of an adorable J.R.R. Tolkien character. Known as the “Rainbow Region” of Australia, Nimbin isn’t actually Frodo’s younger brother, but a safe-haven for down under smokers. Clans of people who spurned the



d Ever since Uncle Andy taught me how amazing Denmark is on “Weeds,” I’ve been dying to go there, in particular Christiana. Christiana is a hippie heaven in the middle of Copenhagen that has pretty much made its own rules, including making the public sale of marijuana a non-legal issue.


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If you’ve never seen “Brokedown Palace” with Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale, then you spent the end of the 90’s far differently than I did.  Essentially, Beckinsale’s character falls for a handsome Australian man while they are best friend vacationing in Thailand, who persuades Danes to go on a day